THE TRUST BOX Magnetic Arithmetic Learning Toy | Multicolor Magnetic Blocks for Kids | Games for Kids for Intelligence Brain Developing | Educational Toys with Numbers & Symbols | Set of 1 (6 Pieces)

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Introducing our 1 set of 6 pieces of educational math magnets, perfect for fostering learning and creativity in children. Each round magnet, measuring 0.4×1.2 inches, features a plastic frame with ferromagnetic components, ensuring durability and safety. These non-toxic magnetic building blocks help children develop essential math, number, color, and symbol recognition skills, all while improving hand-eye coordination. Ideal for both home teaching and school environments, these magnets engage children in interactive learning experiences. Learning through play becomes a collaborative and enjoyable experience, whether with family or friends. Parents can leverage these magnets to create engaging math games such as multiplication games, posing problems for children to solve or encouraging independent practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The portable size of the travel toys makes them easy for children to grasp, while adults & kids alike can take them anywhere, making them ideal travel and pocket toys. Not just for learning, these toys for 5 year old girl or boy also serves as cool desk toys and decorative pieces, adding charm to any space from the home to the office. They’re perfect for decorating refrigerators, magnetic boards, or any magnetic surface, securely holding notes, photos, artwork, or cards. This versatile math toy have suitable games for kids for age 3 & up, making it an excellent gift for girls & boys alike. It’s especially ideal for children aged 5 & above, serving as toys for girls & boys. These are educational toys for kids 5 years & can also be the educational toys for kids 7+ years. It’s a fantastic option for birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Halloween, and other festivals. Incorporate these math magnets into your child’s playtime to enhance their learning experience and make education enjoyable.
ENGAGING DESIGN: Vibrant circular magnets for kids in 6 colors with positive & negative poles enhance color recognition. Safe, easy-to-operate suction cup design ensures lasting fun.
EDUCATIONAL FUN: Magnetic toys for kids offers versatile arithmetic challenges—addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Stimulates curiosity, improves arithmetic & spatial thinking skills.
VERSATILE USE: Beyond play, doubles as a learning tool & practical organizer. Perfect for displaying notes, photos, or cards on any magnetic surface, promoting growth in children’s daily lives.
PORTABLE TOYS: Compact palm-sized design of this magnetic travel toy makes it easy to carry in flights & disassemble. Comes with card-type packaging & playful stickers for endless entertainment wherever kids go.
MEANINGFUL GIFT: Ideal gift for Children’s Day, Return Gift for birthdays or as a thoughtful gesture for Teachers & Students as an educational Toy. Also suitable for elderly loved ones, promoting mental agility & preventing Alzheimer’s.



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