ShineXPro Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloth – OG Soft 500 GSM Extra Large (35×75 CM) Microfiber Cloth for Car and Bike – Suede Edging for Scratchless Drying and Detailing (Pack of 2, Grey)

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Product Description

OG 500 GSMOG 500 GSM




Effortless Cleaning

Keep your vehicle clean and shiny by using ShineXPro microfiber cloth. Created using premium-grade microfiber material, this cloth has been specially weaved into an open split tricot nap using a special blend of microfiber.

Ultra-Soft Material

ShineXPro is created especially for automotive cleaning. The cloth is highly absorbent and can clean more efficiently than cotton or chamois with zero damage to the surface.

Powerful Exterior Cleaning

This is the ideal choice for automotive enthusiasts who want their vehicle to shine and at the same time can’t bear to see even a single scratch on their vehicles.




Perfect for Interior

This microfiber cloth can also be great in cleaning the leather upholstery and seat as it tends to pick up dust and dirt easily. The area composed of hard vinyl like the dashboard, instrument panel, compartments, door handles, vinyl on doors, seat belt connections, glove box, side compartments in doors, gear lever, and steering wheel can be cleaned with this towel in dry or damp conditions.

Spotless Cleaning of Glass

While cleaning our bike and car we are often faced with tough and uncompromising spots and dirt but this problem can be solved with Shinexpro’s microfiber towels. They leave no satins behind. It is the easiest way to give polished appearance to all the glass components. It is worthwhile to clean the window and the lights as it is the tedious task in detailing the class and bike, hence it affects overall appearance.

Absorbs Magnificently

These microfiber can absorb more water than any conventional towels and the speed of absorption is three times faster. They can make cleaning and detailing extremely easy all thanks to their super absorbent character.



Care Instruction:

Step 1:

Machine wash or hand wash with warm water (water temperature SHOULD NOT exceed 60°C), use mild LIQUID detergents with no fabric softeners, no dyes and no perfumes in them as that can clog the pores in the microfiber fabric, degrading its dirt trapping property and water absorption.

Step 2:

Only wash with other non-linting materials (No cotton) to maintain original water absorption and dirt trapping properties and keep it lint-free, since the microfiber fabric has a nature to attract and trap any free particles like lint.

Step 3:

Hang to dry in the shade, DO NOT dry in direct sunlight as the excess heat can melt the individual fabric, drastically reducing its softness and water absorption capability.


Thick, 500 GSM Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloth For Quicker Drying
80% Polyester And 20% Polyamide Blend Ensures This Soft Microfiber Cloth Is Safe For All Bike And Car Surfaces
100% AA-Grade Microfiber Making It A Super Observant Towel For Car
Super Durable Car Wash Cloth With The Ability To Withstand Hundreds Of Washings With Proper Care
Shine X Pro Is An Established Name You Can Trust And A Perfect Choice Of Microfiber Cloth For Kitchen, Bike And Car



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