Lifelong Kids Tricycle with EVA Wheels, Bell & Storage Basket|Baby Trike|Age Group 2 Years to 5 Years Carrying Capacity Upto 30 kgs (LLKTC04, Black & Blue)

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Kids TricycleKids Tricycle

Kids Tricycle

Lifelong tricycles, known for their exceptional design and utility, ensure that your child can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride as they grow. Suitable for kids between the ages of 2 and 5 years, these innovative tricycles boast adaptable seats and handlebars that can be adjusted according to your child’s development stage.

Lifelong TricycleLifelong Tricycle

Kids Safety – Our primary goal

Our tricycles have obtained the Safety Certification, ensuring the utmost safety for infants and toddlers. At Lifelong Tricycles, we take pride in crafting products that not only provide countless hours of fun but also prioritize your child’s well-being.

lifelong Kids Tricyclelifelong Kids Tricycle


Lifelong Kids TricycleLifelong Kids Tricycle

Baby TrikesBaby Trikes

EVA Wheels

EVA refers to a foam substance that boasts lightness, sturdiness, and an ability to withstand punctures and collisions. This makes it the perfect material for Lifelong tricycles, which require durable and reliable wheels to ensure a smooth and safe ride for users.

Front Storage

Offering a safe and practical method for carrying your kid’s toys and other belongings, Lifelong tricycles are designed with both style and functionality in mind. Lifelong tricycles come equipped with ample storage space, allowing children to carry their personal items like toys, water bottles, or snacks.

Spacious Rear Storage

Our innovative design ensures that playtime is not just fun but also convenient and practical. The spacious rear storage keeps your child’s belongings safe and secure, allowing them to fully enjoy the outdoors without any worries.

Padded Cushion Seat with Secure Harness

Lifelong tricycles are designed to provide an enjoyable and safe riding experience for children of all ages. Incorporating the finest materials and advanced engineering, these tricycles boast a padded cushion seat with a secure harness, ensuring your little one remains comfortable and protected during their adventures.

Lifelong Kids Tricycle Lifelong Kids Tricycle

With Lifelong Tricycles, you’re not just investing in a toy, but in a thrilling adventure that will spark their imagination and enthusiasm. These tricycles are designed for ultimate durability and safety, ensuring that your child’s happiness remains uninterrupted.

Lifelong Kids Tricycle made for Kids!

kids Trikekids Trike

Anti Skid EVA Wheels : The EVA wheels of our tricycles are especially made for kids aged 2 to 5 years. These lightweight, puncture-resistant wheels provide a safe & comfortable ride.
Front & Rear Basket: Equipped with a front and rear basket, our tricycles for kids add an extra dimension of fun to their ride. These spacious compartments are perfect for carrying toys for 1+ year olds.
Sturdy Frame: Our tricycles boast a sturdy frame designed for energetic kids. Built with durability in mind, this robust structure ensures a safe and reliable platform for baby cycles.
Comfortable Seating: Perfect for baby bikes and kids’ bikes, our tricycles are made with your child’s comfort in mind and have comfortable seating that makes every ride enjoyable.; Safety Certification: Relax as your child rides on our tricycle with BIS Safety Certification, ensuring the highest safety standards for kids’ bikes and baby cycles.
Is Assembly Required: False; Item Type Name: Kids Bike; Age Range Description: Little Kid



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