Aditi Toys Doctor Playset For Kids, Pretend Play Doctor Set With Foldable Suitcase For Kids, Doctor Kit Toyset For Kids Above 3 Years, BIS Approved. (AT03P)

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Aditi toys for kidsAditi toys for kids

AT 03 blueAT 03 blue

Aditi Toys Pretend Play Doctor Set

Uncover the joy that children feel through immersive doctor role-play, often mirroring their caregivers’ actions during periods of illness. Engage your youngsters in this imaginative activity by presenting them with their personal doctor’s kit. This thoughtful gift opens the door for them to explore the fascinating world of medical instruments, including stethoscopes, syringes, thermometers, and a variety of other tools.

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Aditi Toys Little Doctor Set For Kids

Engage Young Minds with an Interactive Doctor Play Set

Explore Aditi Toys Doctor Playset featuring 13 pieces for immersive pretend-play medical experiences. Your child can practice fundamental medical skills, fostering a comprehensive understanding of being a doctor. This set effectively enhances hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and fine motor skills while nurturing imaginative patient care with pretend instruments. Encourage imagination and practical life skills through this dynamic doctor playset.

Features: Develop Empathy & Social Skills 100% BPA Free & Non-Toxic Made from Superior ABS Plastic Material. 100% Safe & BIS Certified Intended for Ages 3+

accessories blue doctor setaccessories blue doctor set

Aditi Toys Chhota Bheem Little Doctor Set Contains The Following Tools:

1x – Stethoscope, 1x Syringe, 1x Scalpel, 1x Pressure Meter, 1x Name Card, 1x Medicine Spoon, 1x Trey, 1x Operation Light, 1x First Aid Box, 1x Scissor, 1x Thermometer, 1x Eye Glass, 1x Tweezer

All the above tools are made from premium quality ABS plastic. All the tools are painted with non-toxic colors and have rounded edges to ensure complete safety of your kids.

Features & Benefits Of Aditi Toys Little Doctor Set

Aditi Toys Doctor set blueAditi Toys Doctor set blue

overcome fearovercome fear

chhota bheem doctor setchhota bheem doctor set

Safe For Kids

Carefully designed for safety, this compact doctor playset offers care-free fun. Crafted from durable ABS plastic, it provides a secure base for imaginative play, maintaining a clean, odor-free environment. A perfect balance of safety, durability, and comfort, fostering confident and joyful play.

Overcome Fear

Aditi toys doctor playset alleviates children’s anxiety about actual doctor visits. By offering secure role-play, it acquaints them with medical tools, promotes positivity, and grants a sense of control. Role-playing further stimulates empathy and communication, reshaping their perception and lessening healthcare fears.

Great for Imaginative Play

Aditi toys doctor playset ignites children’s imagination, letting them assume medical roles and create scenarios. This immersive experience fosters creativity, cognitive skills, empathy, problem-solving, and social interaction, promoting holistic growth.

role playrole play

snap lock boxsnap lock box

perfect gift for kidsperfect gift for kids

Fun Time For Kids

Aditi toys Doctor kit nurtures children’s curiosity in the medical field, allowing them to envision the limitless opportunities that a future as a doctor holds. Ideal for role-playing with pets, dolls, and other toys, this playset sparks imaginative exploration.

Durable & Sturdy Material

Aditi toys Little Doctor kit is made with high-quality superioer ABS plastic material to ensure its long-lasting durability & it is 100% BPA Free & Non-Toxic. The snap-lock ensures the box is securely closed and easy for children to operate. With its handle design.

Great Gifting Idea

Aditi toys Doctor Kit Playset makes for an excellent gift for your children. They will thoroughly enjoy learning through role-play with this doctor set, which features essential instruments like a syringe, stethoscope, thermometer, and more. perfect for providing first aid to their ‘patients’.

Benefits Of Playing With Aditi toys Little Doctor Set

chanak new premium doctor set for kids girls boyschanak new premium doctor set for kids girls boys

Aditi toys Little Doctor Kit for kids can be a great way to encourage imaginative play, as well as teach children about the basic medical concepts and the importance of taking care of their health. These set can also help to remove any fears or anxieties children may have about going to the doctor, as they can practice and role-play different scenarios in a safe and supportive environment.

GREAT LEARNING TOOL : Aditi Toys doctor set for kids is a fun way to build early confidence, and encourage kids to explore their imagination while also expanding upon the basics of doctor visits and human anatomy. Kids will be able to play a wide range of pretend play scenarios while developing their fine motor skills!
FUN MEDICAL PLAY PIECES :Included in this set are 13 instruments and false medicines, packaged in a durable carrying case. This realistic play toy sparks children’s imaginations as they perform various medical procedures on each other or with their stuffed animal friends.through stringent BIS testing for toys under ISI 9873 and is absolutely safe for kids.
NO FEAR OF HOSPITAL- They are designed to stimulate children’s imagination and drive their curiosity, helping them understand the workings of medical instruments, anesthetics, injuries and treatments, so they can overcome their fear of the hospital. The tools are designed for both formal learning environments and at home playtime with siblings and friends.
PRODUCT DETAILS Set includes 13 medical pieces, including Medical Knife, Name Plate, Tweezers, Spoon, Injection, Scissors, Tray, Operation Light, Thermometer, Pressure Meter, Stethoscope, Glasses and First Aid Box.



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