PROBEROS® Swimming Goggles for Kids Big Frame Leakproof Swimming Goggles for Children Kids Swim Goggles with Anti Fog and UV Protection for Boys Girls for Age 2-16(Pink)

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Highlight1A Anti-fogHighlight1A Anti-fog

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Anti-fog Goggles for Kids

Premium HD lens with anti-fog coating allows kids have a more clear vision under water.

Well Sealing Performance

Great leakingproof designed ,works perfecly with the goggle . Can protect kids eyes from water or bacterial and also ensure the clear vision.

Size Details

Suitable for most kids of 2-16,quick release buckle design,easy to wear.

Highlight2A ComfortaHighlight2A Comforta

Highlight2B Super WiHighlight2B Super Wi

Highlight2C Great SuHighlight2C Great Su

Comfortable to Wear

Special silicone gaskets on the eyeframe part can greatly reduce the pressure on eyes, elastic strap design is providing maxmium comfortness for skin.

Super Wide Full Vision Goggles for Kids

Large frame with 180-degree wide view, waterproof and anti-fog, to ensure swimming vision experience, UV resistance to protect your child’s eyes.

Great Summer Gift for Children

Complete set. Our Package includes Kids Goggles x 1, Nose Clips X 1, Earplugs X 2, box X 1.Let kids have a joyful summer than ever.

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ANTI-FOG & NO LEAKING: Professional kids swimming goggle is crafted with HD lens with anti-fog coating, providing a clear visual under the water for kids. Great leakingproof performance is the basic thing for kids goggle, this goggle can not let any water in, protect your kids safety in water, let kids have a safe and happy swimming experience.
COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: No worry of the compression to eyes as we used a round of silicone gaskets on the eyeframe part, not just for better waterproof performance, but also for more comfortable to wear. Snug fit for most kids.
ADJUSTABLE FASTEN STRAP: Easy to adjust the tightness, there are quick adjusting clasp on the headbelt. No falling off, safe and convenient to wear or take off. For most kids of 3-16 years old.
DURABLE QUALITY: Made of premium silicone, of great elasticity, soft and durable to use. Note: Please wipe the lens by cloth, don’t use the hand to touch the lens in case the grease on finger smudges lens.
ESSENTIAL SWIMMING ACCESSORIES FOR KIDS: Let kids enjoy a joyful and worry-free swimming with this swim goggles. Preparing a good swim goggles for kids and ready for the summer fun.



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